Bio-economy Skills At-a-Glance

Get a glimpse of key skills required in many popular bio-economy occupations.

Planning a job search means understanding occupational skills that employers demand. Start off on the right foot by checking out the Bio-economy Skills At-a-Glance first.


  • 'Bio-economy Skills At-a-Glance' report coverBuild an effective resumé
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Plan your professional development and education


  • Quick reference list of skills
  • Professional and educational experience requirements
  • Occupational descriptions
  • Diverse set of occupations

Product Description

The Bio-economy Skills At-a-Glance are built around Key Competencies. They capture the key hard and soft skills required to successfully function in a position. Those key competencies require specific tasks be accomplished in order to attain the desired outcome. More often than not, those key activities are functional in nature and require the application of specific knowledge acquired by education, training or practical experience. In bio-economy companies, those functional competencies may be very broad and diversified, encompassing both scientific and business expertise. Some may refer to functional competencies as hard skills of the position. The Bio-economy Skills At-a-Glance have been developed through exhaustive secondary research.

For additional skills information that have been validated by industry please see the Bio-economy Skills Profiles.